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Need a last minute service? NOOR is there to help you in your daily life because "Time is luxury.


NOOR will help you find your dream house.


NOOR will make your special moments unforgettable.


Born in Libya, I had to follow my parents in their various trips around the world, to finally establish in Paris at the age of 7. 

I totaly fell in love with the city of light, this is where I discovered the universe of  luxury. 


This cultural wealth gained by these numerous trips pushed me to obtain a master in Languages. I then lived 5 years in the Middle East, more precisely in Dubai, and continued to explore the world with this desire to discover new horizons.


On my return to Paris, I realized that the services offered were not up to my expectations. I then joined the Ecole Supérieure du Luxe, specialized in this sector for over 27 years, where I obtained an MBA in Luxury Brand Management.


Thus was born NOOR, which the only purpose is to satisfy the demands of its customers and to deliver the best experience.

Nadima El Gritli



Merci pour la réactivité, grâce à vous mes 10 ans de mariage ont été une réussite !


Thank you NOOR for the perfect work!



كانت أول تجربه وكانت تجربه ممتازة ومثاليه جداً ، وذلك لتمكنها وإتقانها من الترجمه بالإضافه الى الدقه في المواعيد و رُقي التعامل



السلام عليكم انا من السعودية جيت زيارة لفرنسا باريس بالتحديد وتعاملت مع هذي الشركة واعجبني فيهم احترافيتهم بالعمل والدقه بالمواعيد والصدق بالوعود والامانة واحترامهم للخصوصية الشخصية. 


Thanks to Noor VIP service for their hospitality and utmost respect and attention towards their guests. Thanks to your concierge services, we had a wonderful time on New Years Eve in Paris. Special thanks to Nadima  who spent the entire evening making sure everything goes smoothly on the NYE. Will definitely use your services again.



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